Hey friends! Many of y’all saw the new bedroom furniture I built for my room a couple months back. I love the new space so much! One of the older pieces I have had in the bedroom was my Farmhouse X Storage Cabinet. I love the storage this thing provides. I use it for linens and also for my littlest guys pajamas and other things to keep me from having to go up and down the stairs a ton. I knew I wanted to keep the cabinet in my room, but it really needed a new look to work in the new space. I decided to paint it to give it a whole new life. I LOVE how you can completely transform a piece by changing the finish on it! Here she is now set up in my new room!

You can grab the free plans for this piece at the bottom of this post!  Now let’s talk about how I painted it!  Whenever I start planning a painting project I have two goals in mind.  A. I want it to look beautiful and professional.  B. I want to be able to do this painting project quickly.

My Purdy tools are my go-to for achieving both of those goals.  For this project, I used my Purdy Pail with Purdy Pail liners and I also used my Purdy Nylox brush.

You can find these products and see all of their other great products by visiting Purdy’s website HERE!

For those of you that don’t own the Purdy Pail, it’s time to get one.  This thing is a game changer when it comes to painting projects.  

It’s an awesome pail for holding your paint.  You buy the disposable liners to go on the inside so you can easily add one for each new project.  That makes cleanup SO easy.

Once you add the liner in, you fill the pail with your paint.  For my cabinet, I am using Pure White by Sherwin-Williams.

I love the multiple grip options that allow me to hold it by the handle like above or also like a traditional bucket. 

But, hands down my favorite feature is the brush magnet.  Can I have all the praise hands for this??  It’s crazy how much I use the magnet.  I will paint an area and when I need to move or take a quick break I just set the brush against the magnet.  It saves time and keeps you from making a mess with the paint.

I chose to use my Purdy Nylox brush to paint the cabinet.  I really wanted a smooth finish and these brushes are perfect for achieving a smooth finish without any brush marks.  

One of the many things I love about the Purdy paint brushes are the keepers!  I love that they come with packaging that actually protects your brush in between your projects.  How fun is that?

I also love that all Purdy paint brushes are handcrafted and “signed” by the person that made it.  Shout out to Lorena in Oregon 🙂  I love your work!  

I gave my cabinet 2 coats of paint.  After it dried I added the hardware and set it in it’s new place and I LOVE IT!  

It really is amazing to me how much a few coats of paint can help update a piece and give it a whole new life!  And, with the right paint tools, that can be done so quickly!  Here was my cabinet before…

Not terrible, but definitely ready for a revamp!  And, here it is now…

I hope you love it!  

You can find the Purdy Pail at Sherwin-Williams stores.  And don’t forget your liners!  Get lots 😉  You will thank me! 

You can find the Purdy Nylox brushes at all Purdy retailers.

You can download and print the FREE PLANS by clicking HERE!

This project was sponsored by Purdy, but all opinions and words are entirely my own.

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  1. Do you have the link for the hardware used for this project and what sheen did you use for paint? Thank you!?