Hey there! This may be one of my favorite projects that I’ve ever built!  It’s so versatile and I’m sure you could find a place for one (or several) in your home 😉 Meet my Rolling Storage Ottoman!

DIY-Ottoman-on-WheelsWhen I built my Floating Shelves, above them, I had this idea in mind.  We have a large family and we have guests over, a lot, so our couches fill up quickly.  So, I designed these ottomans on wheels so that we could roll them out to create more seating in our living room! They fit perfectly under the floating shelves so they look cool when they are tucked away.  Add a basket and you’ve got a functional storage spot too! Did I mention that you can build it in less than an hour for under $40?  You could build it for much less if you have scraps! All of the cuts are short so it’s perfect to empty out your scrap bin!

I’m going to show you just how easy it is to build and of course, we also have the FREE Printable Plans!  Just click the image below or HERE to print!

click-here-for-ottoman-plansA big thank you to our friend, Jay, from Jay’s Custom Creations for converting our design into a printable plan!

Alright, let’s go 🙂

apply-wood-glue-on-legs-piecesI started with the legs.  These are very easy.  I attached the 1×2’s and 1×3’s together with Gorilla Glue Wood Glue and my Ryobi 18 gauge Airstrike Nailer.  Put the glue on the 1×2.

attach-legs-with-nailerIt’s easiest if you have a table to work on.  I slid the boards to the edge and shot about 5 nails into each leg. Nail through the front of the 1×3 into the 1×2.

rolling-crate-legsDone 🙂

assemble-frames-with-kreg-jigNext, I assembled the top and bottom frames.  I drilled 1 1/4″ pocket holes with my Kreg Jig and attached them with 1 1/4″ pocket hole screws.

attach-slats-to-bottom-frameThen, I flipped the bottom frame upside down and attached the 1×4 slats to the top of the frame with wood glue and my nailer. *Only attach slats to the bottom frame!*

attach-bottom-legsOnce the bottom slats were on, I attached the bottom frame to the legs with wood glue and nails.  Keep the bottom of the frame flush with the bottom of the legs.

bottom-assembledEasy enough? 🙂 Now attach the top frame the same way.  Make sure the top of the frame is flush with the top of the legs.

attach-angle-piecesI attached the angle pieces with wood glue and nails.  Measure and cut to fit these pieces 😉

attach-top-frame-and-anglesYou can see here that I nailed the angle pieces into the backs of the 1×3 pieces on the legs.

crate-without-topAlmost done!!!

attach-top-planksHere she is with the top slats attached.  Measure and cut these pieces as you go.

Varathane-early-americanAfter I filled my nail holes, I applied one coat of Varathane Early American stain.  Just wipe it on with a clean cloth, wait 5 minutes then wipe it away with a separate clean cloth.  Don’t wipe the stain away, just blend it.

attach-wheelsThe stain dries in about an hour.  So, once it was dry, I attached 1 1/2″ casters to the bottom corners.

Wooden-Ottoman-on-WheelsI found some cute, black wire baskets at Target and dropped a few of my favorite magazines inside 🙂



DIY-Ottoman-on-WheelsI am seriously obsessed with these! I want some for every room in my house 🙂  Luckily my kids haven’t realized how cool these could be on a wood floor what a bad idea racing these through our living room could be.  So, until that day comes, let’s keep that our little secret 😉

Do you want to build your own Rolling Storage Ottomans?  Where would you put them?

You can check out my DIY Floating Shelves HERE and learn all about my laminate floors HERE!

Thanks so much for stopping by!





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  1. Do you sand the wood after you’ve built it? I don’t see you mentioning the sanding process above so I just wanted to make sure as your stain comes out a lot better than mine! Thank you 🙂

  2. Ashley these are so cool! I love the angled piece, and the storage- yay! (Although they are two seaters without the baskets… racing fun for four!) Awesome multi functional addition to a space.

  3. oooo, I love these! so cute. My favorite are those shelves. I’m so doing those. P.S. What is the paint color? I love that gray.

  4. In one of the pics above the Ottoman is on top of a similar style console table. Do you hAve area link for plans of that as well? Thanks!