Now, who doesn’t love a little garage organization??  I have been working on getting my shop revamped for the last few months.  I am slowly tackling every nook and cranny to make the most out of the space and use every inch 🙂  One of my latest projects to tackle was upgrading from the pegboard system I have been using as tool storage, to the Rubbermaid FastTrack system!  Can we talk about how much I LOVE this system??  Check out how I set it up!

Rubbermaid Garage Organization

This is my wall of tools that don’t get used as often… Minus the radio!  I love how I can hang my radio and it’s perfectly in reach all the time!

Garage Storage Idea

And the hanging baskets are perfect for holding my bagged tools and shop towels.  I also keep my Clorox wipes in there for when I spill stain and paint… Which happens fairly often 😉

Garage Wall Storage

This system has been a lifesaver.  No more stinkin’ silver pegboard hooks falling on the ground!  Game changer.  It was crazy easy to install too.

Everything runs on a rail system.  Each rail is a silver metal piece that is covered by a black plastic piece that slides over it.  The first step is attaching the silver rail to the wall.  I found and marked the studs in my wall, and then used my impact driver to drill 2.5″ screws into the studs.  A drill works perfectly for this part too!  I used my level on this part as well to make sure each rail was straight.

Rubbermaid FastTrack Rails

After attaching the silver piece, you just slide on the black plastic piece right over it.

Installing Rubbermaid FastTrack

Then, each attachment just clicks onto the rail.  SIMPLE.  AWESOME.

FastTrack system

rubbermaid fasttrack basket

And, the attachments easily slide on the rails making it super easy to customize.  I love it.  Check out the rest of the space!

Garage Tool Organization

Love how these little hooks hold my jigsaws and sander…

Tool Organization

 And remember my lumber storage rack I built?  I was using the pegboard system on the back to hold my drills and other tools I use on nearly every project.  Not anymore!

Garage Organization

Tool Organizer

Tool Organizer DIY

Ahhhhh it makes me so happy!  You can find the system at lots of places like Home Depot, Target and online!

The best part??  I have teamed up with our friends at Rubbermaid to do a great giveaway for you guys!  We are giving 5 lucky winners this FastTrack set!

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 9.19.00 AMThe kit includes two 32-in FastTrack Garage Rails, 1 Power Tool Holder, 1 Utility Hook, 1 Multi-Purpose Hook and one 2-Handle Hook!  That’s a whole lot of storage guys! 🙂

How do you win??  It’s pretty darn easy!  Tell us!

What would you use the Rubbermaid FastTrack system to organize first??

Leave us a comment below telling us!

We will pick 5 winners this Friday to receive a FastTrack system!

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  1. Right now all our big yard tools are stored in a trash can in our shed…yup…that’s what I’d use the FastTrack system to organize first.

  2. I have organized my rakes, shovels, etc. I still need to tackle my tool desk, this would help out a lot.

  3. My garage would love a makeover with some organization! We love to do DIY projects so this system would be perfect for us! Thanks for all the wonderful projects and tips, I really love your site!

  4. My husband has a huge woodworking man castle in my backyard, but I can’t even find a hammer in it! I would use it to get him organized!

  5. I definitely would organize my garage, everything from my yard equipment to my tools. Love the baskets for the bags!

  6. I would finally get the Shop (Garage) Organized. I have been trying to find a really great track system to use.

  7. This would work perfectly to organize our hobby equipment! We are hunters, fisherman, and certified scuba divers! We need some serious organization in our garage!

  8. I just moved a couple of weeks ago, and the garage is half-empty (still unpacking and making sense of what goes where – totally overwhelmed). I have the miter saw, saw horse, jig saws, sanders, grout, tile saw, all my wood, and stains, stone from a quarry, weathered stickwood, etc, etc, etc set to one side, based on pins and bookmarks for projects from your site over the past few months waiting for the new place to be finished. I cannot wait to have the garage organized, so that I can tackle my massive to-do list inspired by your site, and to make this home-sweet-home, following the Rubbermaid’s Organization Nation credo. First on the list is the blanket holder, with the laundry hutch right behind. It’s taken me 2 weeks just to get my kitchen organized the right way, then on to the master closet. Being able to get the new garage orderly from the beginning would immensely help set the stage for a) fitting my car in the garage, and b) working on all my S2C boss projects!! 🙂

  9. I was just cleaning out my garage this weekend and realized I need major re-org for all my tools. This just might be the answer.

  10. The first thing id organize is all the yard tools so they are not scattered across all our wood working tools.

  11. I have a small garage and very little space to keep my tools. I would love to take a wall and hang my tools on so they don’t get ruined by laying them on there sides on a shelf. Having them out in the open would be so much easier to find them. Organization is the key 🙂

  12. I would show my husband what a garage is suppose to look like when its properly organized, lol! I think the tools would get put back into the proper place when they are organized. We would be able to find them easily. Not only that the tools would be stored safely out of the way when our little nieces and nephews come over.

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