Calling ALL Garage Sale and Flea Market Lovers!!!!

Garage Sales Tracker is your new Never Thrift Without it Website!!!

Garage Sale Tracker

You know the drill:
~Drive up and down the main strips looking for garage sale signs
~Annoy fellow drivers as you slow down to a near stop to read the faded address on the sign
~Wander aimlessly looking for streets lined with pick-ups
Garage Sales Tracker eliminates all of the pains of garage sale hunting while giving you the heads-up on the local garage sales in your area.  Efficient thrifting….now that’s an idea!!!!
Here’s how it works!
Visit Garage Sales Tacker click on Find Garage Sales and enter your zip code and the miles you are willing to travel from your home.  It’s that simple!
Awesome Features:
~It’s FREE
~Driving Directions!!!!!  You don’t have to copy and paste the addresses to other map websites ~ it’s all right here for you!
~Contact the Seller!!!  If you have a question about a particular item or sale you can use the contact information provided to email or call the seller directly!!!!
This site doesn’t stop at Garage Sales ~ Use the same steps to
I have searched for months online to find the nearest Thrift Stores and had little luck.  I was completely shocked when I saw the number of stores that popped up on Garage Sales Tracker with just a few clicks of my mouse!!!!  I now have my weekend thrifting mapped out and I can’t wait to get started!  Never has thrifting been so efficient!!!!
So, head on over and see our friends at Garage Sales Tracker to plan out your thrifting weekend!  It only takes a few seconds and will save you a TON of time!!!!  Happy Thrifting!!!

Garage Sale Tracker

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  1. What a super-dooper handy-dandy tool. Thanks bunches for sharing!! I've already found some thrift stores in my area that I didn't even know were there.


  2. I love this!!! My 3 year old and I make it a habit to hit the garage sales on Fridays. Mommy gets to score great bargains and I get her a toy for 25cents!


  3. I just checked this out…HOW COOL IS THAT?! I found a couple of places hiding out. Looks like I need to go shopping. Thanks!


  4. Thank you for posting this AWESOME site!!

    I found a whole slew of new thrift stores in my area!

    I can't wait to visit them!