Hey guys!  It’s been a while since I have shared any updates on my new house build!  If you follow us on Instagram you have probably seen that we have been busy with trimming the inside (I’ve been learning lot’s from our step-dad that I will share later)!  We’ve started painting the exterior and interior, cabinets and countertops are in process…All the fun stuff 🙂  I’m happy to say that the brick and stone are DONE!

house-brickI chose Milsap stone and Ravens Creek brick (by ACME).  I also went with a buff mortar which I am so happy with!  I absolutely love how it turned out and there are a few accents on the exterior that I am particularly excited about!

crown-over-windowI love the double stack around the windows and the crown at the top one is of my favorites 🙂

brick-cornerHere’s another on my fav list!

brick-on-sideI actually never knew this was even an option but apparently our plans called for it;)  The brick angles out towards the roof line.  It’s so simple but I love it!

crown-on-front-doorAnd, I also LOVE the crown and brick work over the front door (dying to decorate that front porch)!

porta-cacheAnd here is my absolute FAVORITE accent!  The arch and crown over the porta cache!!!

We did add a little bit of stone to the interior of the house too!



The company that we hired to do our brick and stone is TexPro Fence and More and they did an AMAZING job!  The owner is a family friend and he and his guys are wonderful to work with!  If you are local to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, and are interested in outdoor kitchens, pergolas or fences, we highly recommend them!  HERE are a few of the outdoor kitchens that he has built that we find swoon-worthy 😉  I always appreciate word-of-mouth recommendations and I can’t say enough about the work they did!

Well that’s it for now but, as you can see we are getting close to the finish-line which means lots of fun finish-out updates to come!  Can’t wait!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  1. Thanks so much for the quick response! So I am using Tamko pro brand and they have a weathered wood that seems to be pretty close. 🙂

    1. Yay!!!! It’s funny, I stressed a lot about that decision but then realized they looked all the same once they were on the roof. I think anything weathered sounds perfect :))

  2. It’s beautiful. We are building a new home in Van Alstyne. I have chosen Raven’s Creek with buff mortar as well. I am in the process of picking out shingles. Any chance you recall what shingles you used?

  3. Stunning! What a great combination of materials. The detail work is really beautiful. Can’t wait to see more.