Hey guys!!  I’m back with another house update and today I’m giving you a peek at my faucets and shower heads!  This was a really fun and easy part of the house building process for me!  I think changing your faucets is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to update your house.


I went to my favorite go-to for faucets – Moen.  I updated my last house with Moen faucets and I was blown away at how easy they were to install.  The best part is that the Moen faucets have the M-PACT common valve system which allows you to switch the style of their faucet, without replacing any of the faucet plumbing!  This faucet above, Waterhill, is the one I picked for the majority of our bathrooms.  I just love the style with the arc – it has a great vintage look to me.

master-shower-headAnd here’s an easy favorite and my splurge 🙂  We picked the Waterhill rain-head shower heads for the master shower.

master-shower-headsOur plans called for 4 rain heads and we went with it.  We were able to save several thousands by doing our own construction clean-up during our build – it was a BEATING but soooo worth it 🙂

Moen-IoDigitalWe also went with the new ioDigital Spa.  This is super cool and the reason I can’t get my kids out of my shower 😉  It’s very easy to use and it lets you preset up to 4 different personal temperature and flow settings!

Moen-Waterhill-Bathtub-FaucetNext up, in the master, is our tub faucet.  I went with the Waterhill Roman tub faucet.



I love the hand sprayer feature with this faucet.  It makes it easier to clean the tub and bathe our little girl 😉

kitchen-faucet-constructionIf you move into our kitchen you will notice the same Waterhill style kitchen faucet.  I seriously love that arc 🙂

kitchen-sink-drop-inI chose their 18 gauge stainless double bowl sink for our kitchen sink and I LOVE how deep this sink is.  (I can hide lots of dishes on crazy days)!  I like stainless sinks in the kitchen.  They look really shiny when they are clean and they are easy to clean 🙂

kitchen-faucetAhhhhhh 🙂

Moen-Utility-FaucetStepping into our utility room you will see this oh-so-pretty Woodmere bar faucet.  Again, love this arc and the handle is super cute 🙂  I also like the pull-down sprayer 🙂

utility-sinkI also picked an 18 gauge drop-in sink for this room 🙂  The utility room is right off of our kitchen and I like the flow of the stainless sinks and arc faucets.

Moen-Waterhill-FaucetHere is the Waterhill faucet in our daughters bathroom.

Moen-Waterhill-Shower-headAnd we went with the Waterhill shower head for the shower as well.

Moen-Waterhill-FaucetI love the vintage look of the shower handle 🙂

boys-bath-faucetThis is our boys shower.  I picked the Banbury shower head and tub filler for their bath to give it a more masculine look 🙂

half-bath-2-faucetOne more faucet is in our half bath.  It’s in a separate are of the house so I thought it would be fun to change it up a little with the finish and style.  This faucet is the Banbury in spot-resistant finish!

That’s it for our faucets but I have a few more bathroom accessories that I LOVE and I will be back to share them with your soon 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Click HERE for more info on the countertops seen in my pictures and HERE for the cabinets 🙂  If you missed any of my house updates, click HERE to catch up 🙂

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  1. what size grout lines did you use on the subway tile in your bathroom? I want a small line and love how yours looks! Thanks!

  2. Wow they are seriously gorgeous but I can’t believe how much you paid just for taps!! I am far too cheap to spend that much lol

  3. Very few things in life I am jealous of. Your master bath shower is one of them. AWESOME!

    And kudos to you for working your butt off to achieve all of this.