Hey Guys!!  So I am itching to share an awesome product I found a few months back.  I had found a great platter to hang above my cooktop in the kitchen and wanted a way to hang it without using the ugly metal gripper hangers.
So I found THESE!!!
They are amazing little invisible plate hangers!  They are inexpensive and easy to use… Woohoo!!
This is how these babies work…
You start by cleaning the back of your plate off.  After doing that, use your finger to dampen the back of the disc with a little bit of water.  This activates the glue.
Let that sit for 5-10 minutes and then attach it to the back of your plate.
Press it down a bit to get rid of any air pockets…
And, let it dry overnight… So EASY!!
Here it is on the back of my platter…

Ready to hang!  I just added a small nail in the wall…
And hang the plate by the little metal clip.
Look how great it looks from the side…
Now… I won’t share anymore pictures of this plate because it is part of an upcoming project but here are a few more of the platter in the kitchen.
I seriously LOVE these:)  They make me want to hang plates EVERYWHERE!
Go visit Stanley at DiscHangers.com and check them out!  They are really inexpensive and he is offering free shipping to all the Shanty readers until December 31st.  Just use the code FREESHIP09.
You can click HERE to take you directly to his site or visit the sponsors section at the top.
Thanks guys!!
Who’s ready to get their Gorilla on??!!
Can’t wait to see all your projects tomorrow night at 9:00!

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  1. Hey Girls!! A few of you asked how I am hanging my platter on the backsplash. I actually did use a nail… a small one in the grout. It went in just fine and you won't ever be able to see the hole if I ever do decide to take it down. Hope this helps!!

  2. Thank you for sharing so many of y'alls crafty projects! I love plates hanging on walls!

    How did you get it to hang on the backsplash without at nailing into it?

    BTW, you have been nomimated for The Kreativ Award by mweh! Please stop by to see what you have to do!

  3. I have seen these, and they are great! What did you use instead of a nail to hang them since it was on the tile??

  4. I HAVE to get one!!! Trying to "accesorize" my kitchen, GREAT idea!
    Oh, and I have an AMAZING project with gorilla glue, hopefully I will have time to get back here by tomorrow

  5. These hangers are great!!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the free shipping. I want to order some. Love & blessings from NC!

  6. Thanks for sharing this new tool. It should come in handy for lots of us wanting to hang something without those metal plate hangers. ~ Sarah

  7. Oh, nice! So much better than the option that has little wires wrapping around to the front of the plate!
    Thanks for sharing…Janell

  8. Oh, nice! So much better than the option that has little wires wrapping around to the front of the plate!
    Thanks for sharing…Janell

  9. Thanks for the information. I posted recently about wanting to hang some silverplated trays in my dining room. I was undecided on how to hang the larger platters and I think these will do the trick. Thanks again.

  10. I've seen these and have been meaning to pick some up. They are a great solution to hanging plates and other things.

    I wanted to join your gorilla glue party, but didn't have anything to submit, but my daughter will be entering a project! She recreated something we saw recently on a shopping trip and I'm not at all biased when I say I think it turned out great! 😉


  11. thank you for sharing these!!! i have some plates that I have been wanting to hang for a while but could NOT bring myself to buy the ugly metal hangers!!!! YAY for the discs!!!!!

  12. These seem so much easier than messing with the kind you were trying to avoid. I now want to go run to a rummage sale to find tons of great plates to hang! ox

  13. Oh My Gosh! These are fabulous! I am going to embark on a 'plate hanging' project for my dining room in the very near future and these will be perfect!

    Thanks for sharing and keep 'em coming (the ideas that is ;-}!