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As many of you know, Ash and I recently invested in our first office and studio space!  We walked you through the studio several weeks back, and today we are showing you the office.  This has been such a fun project for us, and it’s so awesome to have a space away from our houses to focus and get stuff done.  Come check the Shanty2Chic Office Tour!  Click below to see our office tour!

As promised, here are links to all the goodies!

One of our favorite transformations in this space is the kitchen area.  Here is what she looked like before….

And here it is after!

Our challenge in this office was to spend as little money as possible since it is a rental.

One of the biggest changes in this space is the ceiling tiles! It changed the entire look of the space. We found the tiles Pro Ceiling Tiles.  Here are links to the two products we used…

Stratford Vinyl Ceiling Tile

The grids on our ceiling looked really dingy next to the new tiles so we used these easy grid covers to hide the old ones… GENIUS!

Here is a link to the grid covers!

Veranda Ceiling Tile

The Veranda tiles are glue up!  These are such a great option for popcorn ceilings or other ceiling spaces you want to cover easily.  They also make great tiles to use on the front of furniture doors and other pieces like we have shared in the past.  And, they come in so many styles!

One of our favorite projects we did in this space was use these floor tiles to create a backsplash.

You can also find them here on Amazon!

We found the best sink! You can FIND IT HERE!  It’s deep and we love the black finish.  It also didn’t weigh a ton which made install much easier.

The faucet was also a great find!  It’s so inexpensive!

The cabinets were a great  buy at Home Depot!  You can see them HERE!  These are a perfect option if you are trying to get new cabinets and don’t want to break the bank.  They carry them in stock and they are already painted and ready to go!

HERE is a link to the countertop!  This is faux marble with a honed finish and it’s AWESOME.  It is one of the best faux marble finishes we have seen.

The storage cabinet is a project we shared a few months back!  You can find the tutorial and video for it HERE!

The vinyl flooring is from Floor and Decor!  You can find it HERE at .99 a sq. foot!  It’s so pretty and cleans so easily too.

Moving on to the hallway!  We actually decided to use the Floor Pops again to create a fun spot to hang our bags!

The break room was our next spot to tackle!  Here is the before…

We continued the flooring into this room and found the BEST rug for under the table!  You can find it HERE!

Right now Boutique Rugs is giving all shanty readers 55% off AND free shipping!!  Just use code S2C55 at checkout!

The table is one we built and will be sharing plans for soon!

The chairs are a great find and inexpensive!  They are outdoor and you can’t even tell!  You can find them HERE!

We used some plank wood to cover an unneeded window and added a fun printable to the front of it!  You can download and print the FREE printable HERE!

We built a coffee cabinet and you can find the FREE plans HERE!

Moving on to the bathroom!

Here is what she looked like before…


Here she is now!

You can find FREE PLANS for the vanity HERE!

You can find everything that we used for this DIY Bathroom Vanity below!


Vanity Top

Toilet Paper Holder

Hand Towel Holder


Cabinet Latches


Hook and Eye Closure – Hobby Lobby

Handles – Hobby Lobby


The front of the office is where we spend our time on the computer!  We love this space!  It’s still a work in progress but we are loving it so far.  Here is the before…

Here is the after…

We LOVE the rug in this space!  You can see it HERE!

The cabinet is a project we shared a while back!  You can find the free plans HERE!

Our desks are another project you can build!  HERE is a link to the free plans!

And another favorite spot is our memo board!  We share your pics here and LOVE it!  You can find the free plans HERE!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Let us know if you have any questions at all! 🙂

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