DIY Rustic Modern Dining Table

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, our first thought is not what we are going to cook but what we are going to eat the food on! We designed this simple Rustic Modern Dining table that you can build with only 12 2x6x8 boards – that’s about $50 in lumber! Check out our How-To Youtube video, below, to see just how simple this bad boy is to build!


As always we have the free printable plans for ya! Just click HERE to download and print them. Then, you can follow along with the step-by-step below!


This right here is all the lumber you need! 12 – 2x6x8 boards!


We used our Ridgid Table Saw to rip the round edges off and made each board 5″ in width. This is not a necessary step but it will create a very smooth table top with no ridges. If you don’t rip them, make the base about 4″ wider.


Then, we made our cuts!


Here are the legs.


The table runners


and the supports and the leg runners.


After all of our cuts had been made, we used our Kreg Jig K5 to drill 1 1/2″ pocket holes into the boards.(Refer to our printable plans for the pocket hole placement). You can see that we have our Kreg Jig set to drill 1 1/2″ pocket holes. You can find the Kreg Jig that we use HERE on Amazon and you can watch our How to use a Kreg Jig video HERE.


We started by assembling both legs. We used wood glue and 2 1/2″ pocket hole screws.


The leg runners will attach to the legs and be flush with the edges of the legs. Make sure that your pocket holes face out so that you won’t see them once the table is done.


Now, you should have two legs that look like boxes πŸ™‚


Attach the runners while the table legs are upside down. Your pocket holes will face up and the runners will be flush with the outside of the table legs.


Attach the runners with 2 1/2″ pocket hole screws and wood glue.


Now, attach the supports between the table runners with wood glue and 2 1/2″ pocket hole screws. (Refer to the plans for the placement of the supports).

spray-painting-table spray-paint-table-base

We wanted the table base to resemble a metal base so we sprayed two coats of Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic spray paint to the entire base. You can find the spray paint HERE on Amazon


While the spray paint was drying, we assembled the table top. Attach all of the planks with 2 1/2″ pocket hole screws and wood glue. Then, measure and cut the breadboards to fit the planked top perfectly.


Attach the breadboards with 2 1/2″ pocket hole screws.


Flip the table base upside down and center it on top of the table top.


Attach the base to the table top with 2 1/2″ Spax screws. We prefer the star head screws and love using Spax screws because there is no need to predrill! You can find the Spax T-Star screws HERE on Amazon.


Flip the table right-side-up and it’s ready for the finish! We used one coat of Dark Walnut stain on the table top. You can find the stain HERE on Amazon.


Add some fall decor and you have yourself a table that will impress your guests! We found the cute fall decor and the table runner, Β for the centerpiece, at AtHome!


There you have it friends! A DIY Rustic Modern Dining table that we built with only 12 2×6 boards, a few tools and had it done in one afternoon! We are ready to entertain for Thanksgiving in style! If you build one for yourself, make sure to tag us @shanty2chic on our social channels or upload it to your Reader’s Projects section of our website!

Make sure to check the how-to video out below!

Happy Building and Happy Entertaining!

You can find the rug HERE!

You can find the mirrors HERE!

The Table Runner and Fall Centerpiece Decor can be found at AtHome!


  • Patricia

    Hi everyone. Is there anybody who has made this table for small spaces? I need for 4 places. Do you think the current size fits maximum of 6 chairs?


  • Shelby George

    I’m trying to download the measurements for the pocket holes however when I click the link it doesn’t show up. I’m able to download the plans for the wood measurements though.

  • Randy Boyd

    How far apart do u make pocket holes on the planks

  • Leticia Llamas

    HI!, So if my table comes out to be 5.5 feet long, what should my runners measure? 84 inches is too long for our apt! Thanks, anyone’s help, please! THANK YOU

  • Randy Boyd

    Where can I get plans for $50 thanksgiving table I like table I think look good after I put the new flooring down

  • Jose Haedo

    Any chair ideas for this table?

  • kacey

    could this be used as an outdoor table if coated with poly?

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  • Lillian

    @shanty2chic:disqus I have purchased some lumber at Lowes, but they seem pretty damp. Unfortunately, I have cut them already, then realized I need to let them dry before putting them together. Is there a way to tell if the wood is dry enough to work with?

    Another question. I’m a total newbie. I only have a circular saw. Can I rip off the round edges with my circular saw? Do you have any suggestion for doing this?
    Thanks a lot!

  • Kevin O’Brien

    This is such an awesome table. Thank you for sharing! Although I don’t know where you guys live but here in NY those boards are $6 a piece so more like a $75 table. Still inexpensive for a full size table. Thank you!

  • Lauren Pulner

    @shanty2chic:disqus which cuts would we increase by 4″ if we are not ripping the board to 5″?

    • Ben Grisinger

      The overall width of the table would be inches so you would want the width of the bases to be 4 inches wider.

  • Amy Park

    Is there any wiggle in this table? I built something very similar for a coffee table, but the wooden legs caused a lot of wobble in the long direction of the table. I love this table, but want to make sure it’s solid enough – my dad love to put all of his weight on the table as he stands up! Thanks!

    • Anne Curwen

      I didn’t think there is any wiggle. I used HD screws in the legs and base as I wanted to make sure it was strong and sturdy. I feel like it is!

      • Amy Park

        Awesome, thanks!

    • Ben Grisinger

      Mine had a lot of wiggle. I just turned my runners 90 degrees and it is solid as can be now. I am a big guy (about 280 lbs) and I can put my weight on the table to stand up with no movement.

      I used the regular panhead screws.

      • Amy Park

        So the long runners have the 6″ side perpendicular to the table top, instead of parallel like in the original plans?

  • Anne Curwen
    • Elizabeth O

      I love how yours turned out. How did you make the bench? Are the base/legs the same dimensions as the tables?

      • Ben Grisinger

        I built a bench. I made it out of 3 additional 2 x 6 x 8 and one 2×4 boards. Here are how I did my cuts:

        Bench top: 3 cuts at 54 inches (2 x 6)
        Bases : 4 cuts at 16 inches, 4 cuts at 9 inches. Joined together the same was as the tables. (These are 2 x 6.
        Runners: 2 cuts at 35 inches (2 x 4)

        the final product measured 15 x 5 4x 17.5 (yes, I ripped my boards down to 5 inches)

        My wife will paint and stain this today.

        This bench holds at least 550 lbs with no problem. The lumber was $14 for it and it took me two hours to cut, sand, and build.

        • Mikey Osborn

          I just built this ben but the breadboard ends of the bench arent very strong. Any suggestions?

          • Ben Grisinger

            I would center the leg basesunder where the breadboards connect.

        • Jose Haedo

          any chair idea to add?

          • Ben Grisinger

            Ana White has some easy to build to chairs. I just used my old chairs along with the benches I built.

          • Jose Haedo

            I’m sorry who is Ana White?

          • Ben Grisinger

            She’s has 1000s of different woodworking plans available for free. You can google her info. I built this chair (4 of them) from plans on her site for a customer.

          • Jose Haedo

            Thank you! If you know of any other links that are good for DIY projects can you please let me know?

      • Anne Curwen

        thank you! I made a mini version of the table plans for the bench. I played around with it a little so the legs fit in between the legs of the table

    • alice pine

      omg! i was thinking same thing great job! only thing is how many charts fit lengthwise ? 2 or 3 i need to fit 2 only my space i limited. i really like this table and wish i could make it but unfortunately i can’t remove the round edges of 2x6s. as the only tools i own are a hammer screw driver a drill, and sander. lol. as a female its hard to buy tools. i was also thinking perhaps i can use 1 less 2×6 for the width of the table ?

    • alice pine

      how many chairs ? i meant chairs! lol

    • Kelsea Warren

      Hi! Can you share you plan for the bench?

  • Anne Curwen

    I love this and can’t wait to build this weekend! do you use the Kreg Jig HD and HD screws for the base for this or did you use normal pocket hole screws?

  • Ben Grisinger
    • Anne Curwen


      • Ben Grisinger

        Thank you. I am going to build the dining table this afternoon. It looks like a half day project or so.

        • Anne Curwen

          It took me about 3 hrs. to build the table top. Did that yesterday. I think part of that was using the new kreg jig I bought. I upgraded. Would love to see pic when you’re done. I’m planning to finish tonight.

          • Lauren Pulner

            Did you rip the boards to 5 inches first?

          • Anne Curwen

            no, I did not. I don’t have a table saw, so I chose to skip that optional step!

          • Anne Curwen

            I also used 1 less board wide b/c I didn’t want it to be huge

          • Lauren Pulner

            That was going to be my next question! It looks so great! I am glad to see I can skip that step and still achieve the same look!

          • Ben Grisinger
          • Keena

            Hi! I have a few questions…How many chairs were you able to fit around the table? Do you have issues with food getting into the grooves or is it tight enough? Also, is this possible to do without the kreg jig? We are very new at building! Lol! Thanks!

  • Amanda Eley

    This may be a silly question but what boards from home depot do you use? When I go through the basic boards there all of them seemed warped or curvy. I get the straightest boards that I can but some projects still do not come out right and my tables come out wobbly after because of it.

    • orangesugar

      Considering this is a $50 table I assume they are using construction grade lumber. You’ll be lucky to find straight lumber at the big box stores and you’ll have to pick through lots of it to find any.

      • We built this with framing lumber from Home Depot πŸ™‚

  • Stephanie Batista this is awesome!!! I’ll be building this table this weekend!!! I’m trying to print the plans but is not showing up.. This is what comes up when i click on the link to print the plans

    • Regi

      I got the same thing and was just coming to tell them! I hope they can get it fixed soon, because I want to build it too!

      • Just fixed it! Sorry about that πŸ˜‰

        • Heidi Knowlton

          I’m having the same issue. There are no plans on that link. πŸ™‚

          • I just clicked it and the plans pulled up. Are you clicking where it says HERE?

          • Heidi Knowlton

            The link to the pocket hole placement is an image, not the pocket hole placement. πŸ™‚

          • Jose Haedo

            any chair ideas?

    • Oops! I just fixed it. Thanks!!

      • Stephanie Batista

        yaiiii… Thank you so much!!!!