That’s right… ANYONE!  These are super simple to build!  This is by far my favorite $20 project to date.

Shelves Anyone Can Build

Shelves Anyone Can Build

Shelves Anyone Can Build

I have been in the process of redoing my oldest son’s room over the last few weeks.  I shared his bed HERE and the headboard HERE.

I know one of the next things on my to do list will be a desk, and I knew I wanted some shelving for above it.  I found THIS plan on Ana’s site and jumped on it.

If you own a drill (every woman should!) you can build these shelves.  I made 2 for my son, and I also made 2 for my younger sister.  Each shelf cost $10 to build.  Here are a few tips and progress shots…

You will need 2 – 1×4’s and 1 – 1×2 for each shelf.  That’s it!

I made 8′ shelves so no need to use a saw.  I also used my Kreg Jig, but if you don’t own one you can just pre-drill your holes and use wood screws to attach everything. I prefer drywall screws, but both will work.  You will also need wood glue.  I started by adding a line of glue where my 1×4’s meet.

Shelves Anyone Can Build

Join your boards together like this.  Just pre-drill from the back and attach your screws.

Shelves Anyone Can Build

Now add some more glue to edge of your bottom 1×4…

Shelves Anyone Can Build

And use some finish nails to attach your 1×2!

Shelves Anyone Can Build

That’s it! Not even kidding!

I didn’t even worry about filling nail holes because I stained mine and I like the imperfections… So shanty! 😉

I used my new favorite stain on mine…

Shelves Anyone Can Build

Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Dark Walnut

I  LOVE this stuff… It dries beautifully within an hour… Whoop!  You can get it at Lowe’s.

These are super easy to attach to your wall too!  I used 2″ drywall screws directly into the studs of the wall.  I didn’t even have to cover the screws because the things I put on the shelves covered them easily.

I got them up and took some pictures for you!

Shelves Anyone Can Build

Shelves Anyone Can Build

Shelves Anyone Can Build

Shelves Anyone Can Build

Shelves Anyone Can Build

Shelves Anyone Can Build

Shelves Anyone Can Build

And if you aren’t quite convinced please look at this picture…

Shelves Anyone Can Build

Yes.  Looks familiar! You can find this lovely at Pottery Barn, except it costs $85 for 4′! That’s half the length and 8 times the price.  No thank you!

What do you think???

You OFFICIALLY have no excuse to not build!  These are easier than putting together anything you can find in a store.  I LOVE them.

You can see the detailed plans HERE on Ana’s site!


Did you like it???  Would you be a dear and PIN IT please?!?  I would appreciate it greatly 😉

Thanks so much and happy Tuesday!


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  1. Are the jig holes meant for the drywall screws to attach to the walls? Or just to attach the back side 1×4?

  2. Hi! COMPLETE beginner here, so I have a couple reeeally basic questions.

    Are the pieces of wood held together only by glue, or did you also screw/nail them together? If so, can you describe exactly what you did?

    Next– how did you mount them to the wall? It’s not covered in the pictures and, again, I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’m sure it’s a really basic thing that I’m just not aware of.

    Thank you!

  3. Made a couple of these, one is 48″. It was glued and nailed, and is going to be painted. The other is 41″. It was glued, screwed and plugged, and is going to be stained.

    Thanks for sharing. Planning on making more.

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  5. He say at the top how to attach to wall – These are super easy to attach to your wall too! I used 2″ drywall screws directly into the studs of the wall. I didn’t even have to cover the screws because the things I put on the shelves covered them easily.

  6. I just finished painting mine and I am thrilled with how it looks! I dusted off my Kreg Jig box that had never been opened. After watching your tutorial on how to use it I felt more confident. And for Mother’s Day I bought myself the cordless nailer you recommended, so I had the perfect tools and no more excuses. I am now ready to build all kinds of things!!! I am so proud of myself. Can’t wait to hang it up tomorrow! Thanks so much!

  7. If I predrill to connect my 1×4’s Do I predrill through both pieces of wood or just the outer one (back piece)?

  8. Thank you a whole bunch! I have been wanting these shelves and don’t want to spend the huge amount of money they want at the stores and on line to buy them! Literally, $300 for the hall I want to fill with just four 8-foot shelves. This looks like a really easy tutorial to follow and it is something I think I can do myself. I can see my daughter enlisting my help once mine are up – so thank you in advance on her behalf! You rock!

  9. Thank you so much! I absoloutly love these in my little boy’s room. Where did you get your plane sketches that you put on your son’e shelf. I have been looking for something like that forever and refuse to buy the $200 from pottery barn :/

  10. Ive been wanting shelves for a while and this is a great idea that doesn’t spend a lot of money on them! (which explains why i haven’t gotten any shelves yet lol)

  11. Thank you!! We made these this weekend and they look amazing!!!! I’m hanging them over my tub in the master bath. I think they might look better than Pottery barn only because of the rougher finish!! Did I say Thannk you!!!?? Now Im deciding where else I might use these–maybe a series of them in a hallway for a gallery look with picture frames!? –can’t wait!
    love–thanks again for sharing and saving me some moola!!

  12. Just what I’ve been looking for!! I’m going to build for my craft room, love your taste that’s the exact color stain I’ll use already did my desk and then crates to stack for bookcase and other junk… thanks bunches

  13. How did you mount them to the wall? Could I just screw directly into my walls where I find studs? Do I need to pre-drill holes? I am not that handy and neither is my husband. We have limited tools. Could we just screw them directly into the walls?

    1. Jennifer..did you know that you can rent tools? Or borrow from a relative or neighbor? Buy one power tool at a time or when yours or your husband’s birthdays come around or Christmas, ask for a power tool. I don’t know what the cost of renting tools would be but why not ask a relative or friend that owns or knows how to use the power tools work with you and hubby and show you how to use them? My DH has so many power tools and he can’t physically use them now but I’ve worked along side of him enough in 50 years that I wouldn’t be afraid to try to use them, but I’d still want him to show me how and be there when I first start using them to show me the proper way to use them and the safety issues. Good Luck! You can do this, you can!

  14. I am very new to this and have a question. I had my wood cut at Lowe’s as I do not have a saw and all the ends and edges are really frayed. Is there any way to avoid that and would they be less frayed if I tried cutting the pieces myself?

    1. I never thought about asking Lowe’s or Home Depot to cut lumber to size you need. I knew they did because we’ve had them to cut MDF or plywood for us before but only one or two cuts. I think they cut a certain number free, then they charge for anything over that. Best to ask before hand. I think I would do that with this project, because we don’t have a truck anymore and I would need to be able to fit the boards in my car.

    2. Buy some sandpaper and a sand paper block or wrap the sandpaper around a block of wood and sand those “fray edges” or if you know somebody that owns an electric sander, ask them if they can sand it smooth for you. Ask them to let you see how it is done and you’ll learn from that. Price out some power tools..Craftsman tools from Sears have always been good, Ryobi is good as is Black and Decker. We had a Black and Decker power drill to burn up on us when we were drilling pressure treated lumber on time and it was only a few months old, called the 800# and sent a letter, and in a week they shipped us a brand new drill.