Hey guys!

Thanks so much for all your love and pins on the Memo Board I made for my girls’ room!  My next project for them was yet another solution to an ongoing problem at my house.  With 3 girls, we have bows and clips EVERYWHERE!  I decided to make a holder for them to put them on in their room.  And of course… Why not make it shanty ;-)?

Here is how it turned out…

This is so easy to make… And your girls will love it!

All you need is one 1×4″ board and 2 paint sticks (these are free at lots of places).  I cut my 1×4 into 4 pieces that are 16″ long.  You can also have the hardware store cut them for you!

I used my staple gun and Gorilla Wood Glue to attach my boards together side by side.  No power tools here ladies!

The front of your boards will look like this!

Next, I put a coat of my very favorite stain on it.

You can find it at Lowe’s!

While that was drying I started on the peace sign.  I found mine at Hobby Lobby.  It was just under $3 in the wood section.

Gave it a little color…

After it dried, I attached it to my wood using Gorilla Wood Glue.  I held it in place with some painter’s tape until it dried.

Then I added my ribbon!

I found these great ribbons 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby!  So cute!

I cut 3 pieces in random lengths of each color and cut the ends at an angle.  You can use a lighter on the edge of the ribbon to keep it from fraying!

I used my staple gun to attach the ribbon to the back and bottom of my boards.

My last step was adding a sawtooth hanger and hanging her up!

Want to see??

And with about 1/10th of the bows that will be going on it ;-)…

Hope you like it!  I am off to find the other bows and clips and finally give them a home!

Thanks again for stopping by!  I would love for you to share and pin this below ;-)!

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  1. Very cute. In could see it with some hooks on the bottom for headbands or pony tail holders and a small mirror to check out your ‘do. Too bad I’ve got all boys.

  2. Cute for my dauhter’s dorm! Paint it up in her school’s colors (Roll Tide!), instead of ribbons and bows, tiny hooks across the bottom for necklaces! Crossing my fingers for the contest! Dorm room ideas galore!!

  3. ok, so you didn’t glue the boards to each other, just glued and stapled the paint stick to the whole business? it turned out super cute! great work!

  4. cute for your girls’ rooms but wouldn’t it also be great for display purposes for a boutique?? clever mommy.