Hello summer!  I’m sure most of you are also experiencing the heat wave in your area!  It’s down right hot in the Lone Star State:) I couldn’t get this project started fast enough!

Ahhh!!!  Swoon!  Love this set of chaise lounges from Pottery Barn….but I don’t love the $600 price tag (and yes that is the “marked-down” price;)  I’m sure they are worth every penny but my wallet will never know!

Nope, I saved some dough and built my own for $25 thanks to the free plans I got from Ana’s site!

Trip to Home Depot for supplies (no kids;)  Thank you hubby!

I used my battery-powered drill and nailer to assemble the chairs…. oh and Gorilla Glue Wood Glue of course;)  Here are some pictures of the steps I took as I went…

I used the base of the chaise to assemble the back by aligning each board on top of the other to ensure a good match when the back was attached.

Use narrow utility hinges to attach the back to the base.  The regular width is too wide…I learned this the hard way…

This is the prop for the back rest:)

Again, narrow hinges to attach the prop to the back.

This is my FAVORITE part!  All of these scraps are used to make…

stoppers for the prop on the back rest!!!  You just pick the angles that you want the back rest to sit at and attach them!

I finished with Elmer’s Wood Filler and a good sanding using my battery-powered sander and that was it!

Yah, I had to make two:)  I might make a third….

I can’t share all of them with you just yet….because they aren’t finished but, I will be back very soon to show you the finished chaise lounges!

These were very simple to build.  The only annoying step was the hinges but after I got past the first set I was okay:)

Time invested:  1.5 hours to measure and cut lumber for 2 chairs, 1.5 hours to build each chair.

Money invested:  $50 for lumber!

I’m a happy girl:)  I’ll be a happier girl when I can actually enjoy them!!!  Hope you all have a great FRIDAY!  Whoop!


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  1. Wow! What a great job! I think you should start taking orders. lol
    Hope you’ll drop by and see the tile floor Jane wrote about for Met Monday.


  2. Hey! Stumbled onto your site. These look great. However I am concerned about the 1×4 legs. They don’t look strong enough. Also it is not clear how you attached them. I wouldn’t want you laying on the chair and having the legs give out under you. You might spill your drink!!! Also make sure you use a good wood sealer cause that untreated wood won’t last long out in the elements. Now the next step for you is the wheels and side tray of the expensive ones.

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for commenting! I actually just started building within the last year so I am fairly inexperienced… I have been getting all of my plans from Ana-White.com and I just followed her plans exactly. What would you suggest using instead of 1×4’s? They seem very sturdy right now but I definitely understand your concern. I am using outdoor wood sealer to finish them and I do have plans to add the wheels and tray just trying to work it all out;) Thanks so much for stopping by!!!!

  3. Those are incredible! Did Ana size them so that standard chaise cushions would fit?

    I think the pine will hold up fairly well, especially if you use some outdoor sealer. I wonder, though, what the price differential would be to make some out of teak

    1. Thank you so much Kelley! She did make them to fit standard sized cushions…I am looking for some but they are EXPENSIVE! I’m bummed because Pottery Barn/s are on clearance for $59 and of course they are sold out:( Teak would be awesome!!! Not sure where to get that….if you know would you share it with all of us! I would pay more for it for sure!

      1. Y’all are in TX, right? The San Marcos outlet had a TON of cushions when we were there a few weeks ago…

        For teak, I know that Rockler carries *some*. I don’t know that they’d have the sizes to build something like this, though. I need to find some other retailers that carry more than pine and oak. I have some projects churning in my head. 😉

    1. Thank you so much Sommer! I would rather spend my birthday shopping for wood than clothes any day;) I will let you know where I find the cushions as soon as I do:))

  4. I have always loved those lounge chairs too. I can’t believe how straight forward that is to make your own! My list of projects is already too long right now, but I think I have to add this to the list! Thanks for sharing. I found you at Tatertots and Jello. 🙂

  5. Oh yeah, you rock – amazing. I’ve been coveting those chairs at PB every time I glance at the catalog, but like you, no way was I going to spend that $. Ana is our stop-by place to learn all, isn’t she – I need/want to build a kitchen island and am going now to visit Ana. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much Mary! LOVE Ana’s site:))) I have used so many of her plans and I am very satisfied with all of them!

  6. Amazing! Those chairs turned out awesome! I’ve been looking for some for our back yard and even the cheap plastic ones are more than $25! I’m not very handy with wood & saws, but I may have to try this!

    1. Thank you Heidi! I agree, after shopping around I realized I wasn’t going to get what I wanted unless I built it! If you haven’t built many things you would still be able to do this. It is very simple. You can even get the hardware store to cut your lumber for you so all you have to do is assemble it! Good luck:)))

  7. Those are a definite necessity right now in Texas, especially if you could put them up next to a pool, which I sadly do not have!