Hi friends!  Hope you are all having an awesome week!  Ash and I are traveling at the moment… We will be hitting 4 cities in 2 weeks (with 8 kiddos at home) Your prayers are appreciated 😉

I do have a fun project to share with you guys today though!

 Wood Scrap Vase

I’m calling this a vase, but I actually made it as a “sleeve”.  I wanted the option to put real or fake flowers in it without having to worry about cleaning it, so I left the bottom open.  This way, you can put your flowers into a mason jar or any vase that fits and put the sleeve over it… Bam! Easy!

So… Here we go.
This is a super simple, quick and cheap project… Right up our alley 😉
The whole sleeve is made up 1×2 boards.  For those of you that follow us on Instagram, you have seen my scrap pile :-). I was able to make a very small dent in it today with this project.  If you don’t have enough scrap 1×2, you will need to buy two 1x2x8 boards.  You can use furring strips to make this even cheaper.  The cost of the wood is under $5… Or free if you have a stash like mine!
I started by cutting 32 pieces that were each around 7″ long.  I decided to make some just a hair bigger and some smaller to give it a more rustic look!
Wood for scrap vase
Once you have made your cuts, you will want to make 8 squares just like this one…  I attached mine using Gorilla Wood Glue and finish nails.
how to build a scrap wood vase
Once you have made all 8 squares, you will attach them together.  I flipped every other piece to give the mismatched look that you see.  Again, I used Gorilla Wood Glue and 2″ finish nails to attach them together.
Wood Vase How to
I didn’t worry about covering my nail holes on this one.  I was really going for rustic and I think those just added to it.
I stained my whole sleeve using one of my very favs…
Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Early American
This stuff is the bomb!  It only requires 1 coat to apply and it dries in under an hour.  Love.
That’s it!  This may be one of my fastest and easiest projects yet!  And… My scrap pile shrunk in the process.  Well… Only just a bit. 🙂
What do you think??
Wood Vase from Scraps
Scrap Wood Vase
Scrap Wood into Vase
Wood Vase from Scraps
I hope you love it!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I would love for you to PIN and share this project below!
Thanks again!
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  1. I just came across this rustic wooden vase. I saw you used slightly different sizes with each layer of wood. What about making each of them offset so they spiral around. That would be pretty unique. I don’t have that size wood in my stash but am going to work on getting some to do this for myself and for family members. I think they would love it right along with me.

  2. I love this scrap wooden vase. So beautiful and looks easy to have a try.
    I have been in search of something inventive and exclusive to make for my mom for this Christmas day, and I think she would undeniably love this!
    Thanks 🙂

  3. Love, love, love it! Question tho: if the wood is 2 inches tall, how can one use 2″ finish nails to put the layers together? I think I’m missing something. Thanks!

  4. looks great and I am just floored by how beautiful peaks of your home are! Will you please do a post on your work shop, your set up, how it’s organized, etc. I have wood cutting tools but I feel unsafe cutting on the garage floor but I’m not sure what my cutting table needs to look like. Please help!

  5. Ah, so easy! I need this in my life 🙂 Thanks for sharing yet another beautiful and EASY project 🙂