For those of you that follow us on social media, you may have seen the amazing event we attended last week in Austin, TX. This was one of the most amazing events we have been fortunate to be a part of. The best part is that it was to celebrate the launch of an amazing brand that is taking smart homes to the next level.  Resideo focuses on helping its network of professionals become home heroes. They do this by offering solutions that protect and conserve a home’s critical systems: air, water, energy and security. Resideo is offering solutions that simplify and integrate the smart home experience! Today, we’ll be talking about Saving Ida with Resideo today.

With products ranging from smart thermostats and air purifiers, to water management and security systems, Resideo’s product offerings go beyond just novel gadgets. Instead, they offer integrated, whole-home solutions for the critical networks of the home.

The event took place at an amazing renovation project in Austin by the talented designer Claire Zinnecker. Claire is an interior designer and the owner of Claire Zinnecker Design, a boutique interior design group, and believes that every space tells a story. This past year, Claire purchased and saved a 120-year-old home that was in downtown Austin and was nearing demolition. Claire moved this house 35 miles away from its original location to her 35-acre property in Georgetown, Texas. Today, the house goes by the name of “Saving Ida,” named after its original owner in 1899. Claire is continually working on restoring and renovating ‘Saving Ida’ and highlights the process of restoration by showing the journey as realistically as possible.

We were able to tour the home in mid-construction to learn about the 4 main areas Resideo targets, and we got to see first-hand how the company is helping modernize and monitor the old home.

It is going to be so cute when she gets her finished. We love the idea of taking this old home and bringing it back to life by restoring it, but adding new up to date features in the home to keep it safe and efficient.

Everyone wants safe, efficient and comfortable homes that are connected and simple. But that can be time consuming, expensive, and difficult to achieve. Using Resideo technology and their network of professionals, homeowners get the modern, connected experience they need and expect – done the right way.

Resideo offers solutions that help keep you on top of your home and what is in the air and behind the walls that you don’t see. They help make you aware of hazards before they become disasters.

The Buoy Whole Home Water Controller is one of the smartest ideas yet. It helps you manage leaky faucets, sprinklers and running toilets to help stem the waste of 1 trillion gallons a year nationwide. The Controller is professionally installed to your home’s main water line, where it monitors water use, and then sends data to the Resideo app. 

The Water Leak Detector is an early warning system that notifies you when a leak is detected. When it is synced with the Buoy Controller, the Water

Leak Detector works as a system. When the detector senses a leak it can trigger whole home water shutoff through the Buoy Controller. That is AMAZING.

Speaking of App… They just launched it! You can find it HERE in the App Store!

We are super excited to try out the new thermostat! It’s an old-school classical design with all the new technology. And again, everything is controlled within the Resideo App!

They also have a new T9 Smart Thermostat with sensor. Lots of options to fit your needs and style!

And, one of the products I am most excited to hear about is the air quality monitoring. I have 3 boys with severe asthma and allergies, and I can’t even begin to think how helpful this will be in my own home. We can’t wait to learn more about this and share it with you.

The rest of the house was so dang cute too! We see so much potential and can’t wait to see Claire bring it to life.

After touring Ida and learning all about the Resideo brand, we were treated to the most amazing brunch ever. Y’all know how much Ash and I like our food… This was a brunch from our dreams.  And…. the speaking panel was also from our dreams. Check this out!

We learned so much from this expert panel.  We had the opportunity to listen to Mike Holmes, Jonathan Adler and Fredrike Lundny tell their own back stories, and speak to the importance of integrating homes with the products Resideo is offering.  It was so much fun!

And, we definitely took it upon ourselves to hunt them down after for a photo opp!  

We played it cool when we met Fredrike…

But… in actuality…

It was a beautiful day with so many wonderful people!

No other company focuses on the power of professionals like Resideo can to develop innovative solutions that monitor the critical networks of the home and make it simpler for homeowners to stay connected.

We are so thrilled to be partnering with Resideo this year. We believe in their products and believe in their goals for homeowners. We can’t wait to share more with you guys! If you want to learn more about Resideo, click here! We hoped you enjoyed seeing how we are Saving Ida with Resideo.

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  1. That’s my company, Resideo!!! SO excited that you will be partnering for 2020. Wish I could have attended the launch and meet you guys too! Can’t wait to see how you integrate your own homes with the systems that we offer. We are excited at making integration of security, automation, comfort, and home systems easy for the home owner.