I am about to show you the most loathed, neglected and hidden room in my house…..

Yep, my laundry room….  Okay, it’s not that bad but it just screams BORING… as if laundry isn’t boring enough;)  It’s baseball season which means loads and loads of laundry for me.  I love my family and I love taking care of them but it’s time to spice it up a bit:)

I sure would love one of those large mud room/laundry rooms but I didn’t think about that when we were house hunting so we have a small laundry room off of the garage……I am determined to make the most of every square inch I have in this little room and make it as cute as possible in the process:)  Hence the Washer/Dryer Pedestal!  If you missed the build process you can check it out HERE!

I chose Behr Gray Area in high gloss ~ there was no fine science to this.  I didn’t get samples, I just picked a pretty gray;)

After 2 coats of Gray Area and 1 coat of Minwax Polycrylic high gloss it was ready to test out! 

Ladies: If you would like to build this for your laundry room, tell your husband to leave the room for a sec;)

This sucker was the biggest pain in the touche to get in the house and under the washer and dryer!  Beware:)  If you have a large laundry room I would assume it is no problem…not the case for us!  I will spare you the details because we got it in but picture Austin Powers in the warehouse;)  It hurt, we got frustrated and water spewed EVERYWHERE the first time we turned the water back on (beach towels in the corner of pic;)

John connecting the dryer hose for the 4th time….  someone’s gotta be behind the lens;)

Okay!  You can tell the hubbies to come back in:)

Okay, remember the before….

And the after!

Love the storage!  I’ll share the tutorial for these baskets very soon.  I will say that they were SUPER cheap:)))

What I love:  The storage it offers on the bottom,  it sits the washer and dryer high enough to cover up all of the hook ups on the wall and it gives my laundry room personality!

Total cost for the pedestal (paint not included) $80!  The pedestals that you can purchase are about $200 and you have to buy two of them!

And because I just couldn’t resist…..

It’s built tough!  In the case I get the urge to read a magazine in the laundry room;)  Seriously though, I climbed up and down on these trying to touch up paint on the walls and ceiling.  The pedestal didn’t budge!

I’m still adding finishing touches to the room so I’ll be back later to show you my complete laundry room make-over!

Don’t forget to link up your favorite Shanty Supper on May 19th!  We are so excited:)

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  1. Love what you did to your laundry room. Will be back to see your posts of any additions 🙂

  2. Oh, what a terrific idea, I can do this, as my laundry room is small too and for sure I need more space for storage! I’m going to show this to hubby. You look picture pretty sitting on top of the machines, pretty girl! Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week. I’m also at MM at: BNOTP.

  3. Love them! Just a word of caution though, did you bolt the washer and dryer to them? I have the pedestals that we bought with our front loaders and they bolt to the pedestal because they can ‘walk’ a little bit when in a high speed spin, especially with a large or heavy load in them. Just a thought!

    1. Thank you Lori! I see what you mean about the walking. My washer has some sort of suction that made it very difficult for us to move out of the way when we put the pedestal in place and it has attached itself to the pedestal as well? Didn’t know it did that but I guess I lucked out:) Thanks for the tip though it is very helpful to hear others experiences!!!!

  4. That washer and dryer are certainly riding high and so is Mom. What a perch! Great project and love the gray color. My laundry room is getting a repaint very soon and I’m going for gray. Jane

  5. SUCH a great idea! I’m about to move into a tiny apartment (from a good-sized house) and am looking for as many ways to maximize space without clutter that I can find. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love how they turned out and love the color of your room! I know you said you would be doing a tutorial on the baskets, but could you tell me where you got the fabric for those? It’s perfect for something I’m working on…I’ve been trying to find a grey/blue, black, and white combo and have had no luck! Thanks 🙂

  7. I love how this turned out…I need something for my machines! I won’t show my hubby this post though…he would veto the project since our laundry is in the basement ; )

  8. I love how the gray color pops with the white. Did you use the same gray on your walls? Love the pedestal!

  9. LOVE IT!! It looks so good and would love to do it I just can’t get out of my mind – “what if the washer leaks?” Did you cover up the drain underneath the washer? or route a drain from the pedestal bottom to somewhere else? I’m always a worrier 🙂

    1. Thank you Trisha! I’m not sure I understand about the leaking? If it leaks, I don’t know that it would be any different than if it leaked on the ground. All of the hook ups are connected. My washer has never leaked before so I may be misunderstanding….. So far it is working great!

  10. Fabulous laundry room. Worth all the pain in the effort! And stick a pillow up there and you do have a reading nook. lol

  11. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this too…but I have a question for you. Do you think that you’ll still have room to have upper cabinets up there? If so…would they be “reachable”?

    1. Hi Dianne, there is plenty of room for cabinets. Reaching them is another question. I am working on a solution for above shelving/cabinet. I have a shelf right above the washer and dryer that I can reach but I couldn’t reach to a higher one unless it came out further. I am 5’4″.