My next makeover started down the street from my house. They are tearing down another house full of character, actually 3 houses, to build one ginormous one. While nothing was salvaged on any of these homes, I did manage to get my hands on a beautiful part of the last one before it was torn down. I noticed they had started the tear down so I called my stepdad to have him do me a little favor… I do this a lot! I asked him to go ask the demo crew if we could have one of the awesome harlequin windows from the front of the house. He told him to take whatever he wanted so he brought me home 2 of the windows… woohoo Bapa… You’re the BOMB! Each window is about 2ft x 6ft and they are solid wood… gorgeous!
So… of course Ashley’s house needed one of these babies! Both of us sanded the paint edge down a bit and then painted the whole window with a coat of cream paint… Mine was Antique Homestead Lace by Valspar and she used Cozy Cottage by Behr .

Now we needed a place to put them…. I decided to hang mine on a tall blank wall next to our recliner in the living room.

Ashley propped hers behind her curly willow in her living room… Aren’t they too cute?! I do find it a shame that nothing was saved from any of these awesome homes but I am so excited that we were able to get a small piece of them. I will be sharing these treasures over on Trash to Treasure at Reinvented…
I will also be adding this to Hooked on Fridays at Hooked on Homes… Check it guys!!

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  1. That came out so pretty! I love antique windows. That was one of the main reasons we bought our home, it still has all the original 100 year old windows (except the one we switched out ourselves).

  2. Love the window! What a score! I went to Home Depot today to find the Smokey Ralph Lauren glaze and they had no idea what I was talking about. Is that the whole name of the color? They found one called Smoked Glass, but that didn't sound right! If you could help me out I'd appreciate it!
    [email protected]

  3. I absolutely love your blog and get so much inspiration from you. I have a question regarding Polycrylic which you stated you do two coats of for wear and tear pieces – do you sand between coats? I am hoping you say no:)

  4. I have two windows hanging in my room and I have put photos behind the glass, love them! I picked them up for $5 each at a salvage yard that keeps all that stuff from those great housed that get torn down! So FUN!!

  5. What a find! It really is heartbreaking to think of all the good stuff that ended up in the dumpster. Good for you for saving these guys!

  6. WOW…what a great find! I LUV how the two of you used these little babies! Thanks for sharing.

  7. So beautiful! I'm loving all the cream colors. I adore your decoration styles. Wait until you see what I've done with your inspiration! I've already started.

  8. Those are just too cool! I hate that old homes are torn down and nothing salvaged. SO glad you girls at least got these windows. I like what you did with each of yours.


  9. I love old window projects. I have an old window that I painted and plan on hanging in front of my kitchen window as a window window treatment.