We get so many requests to show our work shops! Today we are taking you on a work shop tour of Ashley’s shop. We are going over everything from what you need to start your own shop, how we keep our cleaned and organized and our favorite additions! Grab a cup of coffee and come talk shop with us 😉 Just click HERE or the video below to watch!

As promised we have free plans and links to products for most of what you saw in Ashley’s Shop! Just check them out below!

Cabinet plans – coming Friday!

Lumber Cart Plans – coming soon but you can check Whitney’s Lumber Storage Cart out HERE

Narrow Work Bench Plans – HERE

Work Bench With Wing Extension – HERE

Peg Boards – HERE

Peg Boards Hooks and Accessories – HERE

Floor Coating – I can’t recommend the product because it is chipping horribly. I am going to do something else on my floors and will update you soon on my solution!

Garage Door Opener – HERE

Dust Pan and Broom – HERE

Check out our “Tools” page for our suggestions on what tools you need to start your shop!


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  1. Do you have plans for the upper cabinets? And the paint color you chose and links to the hardware? Love your videos and plans!!! 🙂

  2. I share your videos with other interested in making anything. I was wondering when the cabinet plans were going to be available? I can’t wait to get started. Keep on Rocking.

  3. Gals i’m so motivated listening to the passion for projects in your videos. Honestly, you two are very talented and taught me a lot of things. Like you said, “always learning”. I want to thank you both for taking time to do this stuff. It’s not boring like a lot of wood shop shows, and you have broken it down to a science. I’ll be honest, as a dude I am happy to accept never being this organized but I sure have been inspired to try harder at it. It’s very frustrating constantly looking for that pencil, tape measure, goggles, etc. I’m buying that peg board asap!!! I really like the first work bench, the “O.G” bench I guess you could say. Its super cool to have the wheels, I never thought about that, but it’s a no brainer. Your videos and plans for the DIY Dining Table 2014 was my first project. It actually was my stress relief after work. I was so proud of it. When we sold the house I literally used it as a negation piece for closing costs. The buyers loved it so much I put that, the bench, and our boys bunk bed in the offer and didn’t pay one penny in closing costs. I hope you read this and see how people are inspired. After that table, my confidence grew and I will literally build anything. I get better at measuring more accurately and efficiently with each project i do. Thank you so much. I wish I could someone send pics of the stuff I built. Let me know how to do that and I’ll be super happy to do it. Sincerely, Stephen & Shaw, Wyatt, Abram, and Sullivan 🙂

  4. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you got Ryobi to sponsor a “workshop” makeover contest? If you are a neat freak you would absolutely die if you seen my shop. I am at a loss when trying to organize. Your shop is a dream